Top Things To Know Before Having A Picture Window Installed

17 July 2023
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

A picture window can really transform your living room, bedroom, or dining room. These windows let in plenty of sunlight, and they give you a lovely view of the great outdoors. Most window installation companies are happy to install picture windows. However, there are a few things you should know before you go ahead with this project.

Picture windows do not open.

This is the one downfall or hardship that comes with picture windows; they do not open. This does not bother many people, but it may be an issue if you were hoping for good ventilation. There is a workaround to consider. You could have smaller sliding or awning windows installed above or to the side of the picture window. This way, you can open these smaller windows to allow some ventilation, when needed. They'll also help accent your main picture window.

You can choose specialized glass for your picture window.

People are sometimes worried about a picture window shattering, which would make quite a mess and potentially give others access to your home. You can solve this problem by choosing safety glass for your picture window. Another concern is having too much UV radiation coming in through the window. This can be addressed by choosing glass that has been embedded with UV-blocking elements. Doing so will help prevent your carpets from bleaching, and it will also minimize your UV exposure when you're sitting in front of the picture window.

The installers will have to cut your wall.

It may sound obvious, but your installers will have to cut a hole in your wall in order to install your picture window. This means there will be some debris around while they are working. It also means you may listen to saws and other equipment during the process. Most window installers will do their best to clean up any mess before they leave, but there may still be a little dust and debris left behind.

Finding window treatments is not always easy.

You'll want to have window treatments ready and on-hand before the picture window is installed. This way, you can have some privacy. Make sure you start shopping early, as window treatments for picture windows are not as common as those for smaller windows. You may have to visit a few stores to find the ones you like.

With this information, you're better prepared to have a picture window installed in your home. For more information about new windows, contact a local company.