Signs Of Foundation Damage | What Homeowners Need To Know

25 April 2023
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As a homeowner, your property is your pride and joy — the place you retreat to after a long and tiring day. However, your home is also an investment, and like any investment, your home needs to be protected.

One of the most vital components of your home is its foundation. While the foundation can last quite a long time, it's essential to watch for any signs of damage. Here's a closer look at the signs of foundation damage, its causes, and how a foundation repair contractor can help.

What Are Common Signs of Foundation Damage?  

One of the most common signs of foundation damage is cracks in the walls, floor, and ceiling. These cracks are usually due to the foundation settling or shifting, causing the walls to shift and crack. While it is normal for a home to settle over time, extreme settling, wide, active cracks, and inoperable doors and windows are all signs of significant damage.

Additionally, floors that are not level often indicate foundation damage. You can tell if your floors have shifted by rolling a marble across the surface. If it rolls off course, then it's likely that your foundation has settled unevenly. If you notice any of these signs, call a foundation repair expert immediately.

What Causes Foundation Damage?

Foundation damage can be caused by many factors, including:

  • Soil type. The soil type around your foundation plays a critical role in its stability. If the soil is weak or unstable, the foundation can sink or crack. For example, some areas of West Texas have weakened soil due to depleted oil fields, which has led to sinkholes and widespread foundation damage.
  • Tree roots. Tree roots can also cause foundation problems, as they can steal moisture from the soil, making it dry and compact. Keeping your trees at a safe distance from your home can help prevent foundation damage.
  • Drainage problems. Poor drainage can lead to water buildup, eroding the soil and destabilizing the foundation.

If you suspect that your foundation is damaged, the first thing that you should do is contact a foundation repair contractor. They will be able to conduct an inspection and evaluate the extent of the damage.

Foundation damage is a severe issue that homeowners should not ignore. Any signs of foundation damage should be addressed immediately to prevent any further harm to your property. Keeping your foundation stable and sturdy is vital to your home's longevity. By knowing the signs of foundation damage, its causes, and how your foundation repair contractor can help, homeowners can make informed decisions about their homes.

To find out more, contact a foundation repair company.