4 Signs A Roof Needs Repairs

12 April 2023
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Staying ahead of roof repairs is one of the key factors in maintaining your house. You need to know the signs of roofing trouble, but not every sign is as obvious as a thick tree branch punching a hole through the shingles. There are other ways to tell, so call a roofing company if you see any of these four signs.

Water Leaking into the House

A damaged roof may cause water to get into the house. Frequently, the water runs along the insides of the walls and then slowly soaks through to produce visible stains. You may also see water dripping through the ceilings of the top-story rooms, especially during heavy rains. Damage to the roof is easily the most likely culprit if there's a leak, so call a roofing company to have them track down the origin.

Notably, the water doesn't always make its way into the house. Instead, it could promote mold growth. If there's mold in any of the upper ceilings, that's likely a sign of roofing problems.


Roofs don't last forever. The expected lifespan of a roof varies significantly with its materials, though. Products like asphalt shingles may provide a couple of decades of service. Conversely, some products like slate shingles can last a century or more.

Quality will also vary between manufacturers. If you're unsure how long the materials on your home's roof should last, contact a roofing company and simply ask. They can tell you based on the materials what the rough expectancy should be, although they probably won't be able to guess the manufacturer unless there are spare packages or the materials are distinctive.

Growing Energy Usage

Damaged roofing can leak air. Even a small hole can lead to a surprising reduction in the insulating value of the roof. If you've noticed an uptick in energy costs, go in the attic and see if you can spot daylight or feel a draft.


The wood underlying the roofing materials can absorb water. Normally, a vapor barrier should discourage this. However, damage to the shingles and the barrier can let water permeate the wooden decking.

Gravity and the weight of the wood will cause the roof to sag. You might notice this based on the angle of the light. Many people don't see it, though, until they spot water sitting in the sagging area. Sagging is a sign of major trouble, and you should request roof repairs immediately. For more information on roof repairs, contact a company near you.