Commercial Architectural Glass Doors Explained

27 September 2022
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Glass doors are becoming common in commercial environments due to their image. Besides their aesthetic appeal, manufacturers make commercial glass doors with reinforced glass that withstands slight impact. This article discusses commercial architectural glass doors and the benefits of having one. 

What Is a Commercial Architectural Glass Door?

A commercial architectural glass door is a reinforced door used in commercial buildings, mainly offices. They're prevalent and come in different designs, depending on the business premises and the owner's taste. These doors come in different styles, with pull, push, slide, and rotating glass doors being the most common. 

Types of Glass Used in Commercial Architectural Glass Doors

Commercial glass doors have different purposes, with some meant for security and others for aesthetic appeal. Due to differences in application, they also come in different makes. The common ones are flat, wired, tempered, tinted, laminated, and spandrel. Tempered glass is the most preferred for security due to its reinforced nature. It withstands high impact, making it perfect for guarding against theft and vandalism. This type is common in most office glass doors since it enhances security. Wired glass commercial doors have an impressive lifespan due to the threads of steel wire inside the glass. The manufacturers arrange the wires to hold the glass panel together and prevent it from shattering during impact. Tinted glasses are perfect for office use because they reduce the light intensity in the building. The regulated light improves workers' efficiency and productivity by creating an environment suitable for working. Insulated glass is excellent for in-office use and comes in handy if you prefer working in a quiet and private setting. The laminated glass holds the glass together when shattered using a thin polymer material. 

The Benefits of a Commercial Architectural Glass Door

Architectural glass doors come in different designs that contribute to the aesthetic appeal of the building. You can buy them from a store or commission one with specific designs and details to match the building's theme or business brand. Their beautiful appeal makes your establishment stand out, giving it a distinct look. Security is another advantage of these doors since most withstand impact. Tempered, wired, and insulated glasses work well at the entrance door. The doors also utilize a modern electronic locking mechanism, which opens by inputting a specific code or swiping a card. Glass doors create an open space mentality for workers, with enough lighting circulating through the office. It also gives workers a wide angle of vision without worrying about obstacles. 


Commercial architectural glass doors are crucial for beautifying buildings and improving security. They have a long lifespan and are easy to maintain. Contact a company like Creative Door Inc for more information.