Vinyl Siding Replacement Over Repair: When It's Time For New Siding

29 August 2022
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Your home's siding needs to be properly cared for and maintained to keep it in the best possible condition. Unfortunately, even the most rigorous siding care and treatment won't be enough to prevent every type of damage. Here's a look at some of the things that you should understand about your home's siding and the times when you should consider new siding installation instead of trying to repair the damage.

You Don't Have Patch Material

When you had your siding installed, did your contractor leave you with pieces for patching? Many times, the excess siding material is left behind for you to use in the event of damage that needs to be patched. That way, you can be sure that your patch matches the siding perfectly. If you've already used your excess patching material or your contractor didn't leave you any, you might find it better to have new siding installed instead of trying to repair any damage. It can be difficult to match the siding color, texture, and shade perfectly, so it's often easier to just start fresh.

Your Siding Damage Is Beyond Patching

Sometimes, the damage to your siding is minimal and it's just one piece that's cracked from impact damage or something similar. However, when the siding is older, brittle, and seems to be suffering from more widespread damage, you'll want to consider replacement instead of repair. Once you've reached a point where there's widespread damage that's beyond what patching might fix, it's time to protect your home's structural integrity with all new siding material.

You're Considering Selling Your Home

If you've been doing spot repairs here and there as you can because you weren't particularly concerned about the siding, but now you've decided to sell the house, that's often an indication that you should have new siding put on the home first. Not only will you increase your chances of selling, but you'll likely get far more for the house with new siding than you would if it is in need. Talk with your siding contractor about a cost-effective solution that will improve curb appeal and help you sell without breaking your budget.

These are just a few of the many instances when it's best to have new siding installed on your home instead of trying to repair what's there. Talk with a siding installation contractor today for more help and information about your home's vinyl siding condition.

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