3 Ways Store Rolling Security Shutters Save Money

1 August 2022
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

While many store owners install rolling shutters simply because they want to make their properties more secure, this investment can also reduce both unplanned and planned business costs. How can security shutters save money?

1. Reduce Theft and Damage Costs

If you don't secure your store's windows, then they are an easy route into your property for thieves. Even if your store has a security system, an experienced burglar can break a window, steal things, and then get away without being caught.

Plus, unprotected window glass is also easy to damage. Vandals might break a window; glass might also crack or break after an accident or in a storm.

While insurance coverage pays most of your costs here, you might have to cover deductibles yourself. Plus, your premium payments are likely to increase in the future if you make regular claims.

Burglars are less likely to target businesses with security shutters. Shutters also protect your windows from accidental or malicious damage. Your theft and damage costs should reduce.

2. Reduce Insurance Premiums

Insurance companies cost your policy on risk. They assess the likelihood that you will need to make claims on your coverage. If your windows aren't protected, then your premium costs are likely to be higher even if you haven't made a claim in the past. Your insurer knows that your windows are a weak area.

If you install rolling security shutters, then you reduce your risk factors. You show insurers that you have put measures in place to protect your property and your assets. They are likely to reduce your premiums if you can prove that you have reduced your risk.

3. Reduce Energy Bills

While you try to control your power costs and efficiency, your store could still use too much energy if your windows don't have any coverage. This can be a particular problem if your store is in an older building that isn't well-insulated.

For example, refrigerators and freezers might have to work harder to keep cool during warm summer nights. Your store might be uncomfortably hot when you open up in the morning, and you might need to run your air conditioning at higher levels to cool it down.

In the winter, your store might get really cold overnight. Your heating costs could be high.

Security rolling shutters insulate your store by blocking airflow in and out of the building. They help keep internal temperatures at a comfortable level, so you won't need to run cooling or heating systems as much. Your energy costs should reduce.

To find out more about these and other benefits, contact a commercial rolling shutter supplier such as Nevada Rolling Shutter Inc.