3 Fun Activities To Help You Design Your Ideal Home

21 June 2022
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Building a custom home can be a dream come true for many people. Designing your new house from the ground up allows you to build a home that meets your exact specifications, providing you with far more than just a place to live. However, building a custom home can also be a lot of work, especially if you want to be as involved in the process as possible.

While you'll eventually need to make plenty of technical decisions about issues such as HVAC design and plumbing, you'll also get to express your creativity and watch your dreams slowly transform into reality. For these reasons, the early planning phases are often the most exciting. Keep reading to learn three fun activities you can undertake to help you design your ideal living space.

1. Tour Existing Homes

If you're building a custom-designed home, do you need to visit open houses and go on home tours? Absolutely! The earliest planning stages are all about understanding your unique needs and wants. Even if you've lived in a wide range of different home styles, there are likely to be many features and designs you've never experienced or considered.

Touring existing homes allows you to broaden your horizons and discover interesting interior features, architectural styles, and more. If possible, try to tour some homes constructed by the builder designing your house, but go farther afield, as well. You may also want to take photos during your tours and keep them in a reference book that you can check later as you work with a designer.

2. Talk to an Interior Designer

Interior design may seem like something to think about near the end of your project, but nothing could be farther from the truth. Your plans for the interior of your home will affect many aspects of its construction, so it's helpful to start thinking about these details early in the process. Consulting with an interior designer while you're still planning is one excellent way to accomplish this goal.

While you may ultimately need a designer to help you craft the details of your living space, these early consultations should be about focusing your efforts and intentions. A skilled interior designer can help you understand the best ways to make a living space that's both functional and beautiful, and you can use this knowledge when you're finalizing designs with your builder.

3. Collect Everything!

Photos from home tours aren't the only things you should be collecting. Don't be afraid to pick up magazines on house design, interior design, and more. Tear out pages and photos that look interesting. Visit showrooms for furniture, appliances, flooring, countertops, and everything else that goes into a home, taking photos or samples of whatever strikes your fancy.

Your goal is to have a large collection of materials that you can browse through at your leisure and, ultimately, show to your builder. This collection will allow your builder to see exactly what you're after, making it far easier for them to work with you to craft the ultimate dream home.

For more information, contact a custom home builder in your area.