Avoid These Key Mistakes For A Successful Kitchen Remodel

4 November 2021
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

When you walk into your remodeled kitchen, your reaction should be something along the lines of "wow, this looks fantastic!" And when you cook in your remodeled kitchen, you should find the experience truly immersive and enjoyable. So, how do you ensure you enjoy your remodeled kitchen this much? Well, you start by avoiding these key mistakes during the remodeling process.

Mistake #1: Remodeling before you have an adequate budget

Remodeling a kitchen is not cheap. If you have a really limited budget, you may not be able to afford good materials or the right appliances to really suit the space and your lifestyle. So, instead of going ahead with the remodel on a shoestring budget, you are often better off waiting a few more months or even another year so that you can save more money and really get the kitchen you desire.

Mistake #2: Not including enough lighting

Light makes a huge difference not only in how you use the kitchen but in how the space appears. If a certain corner of the counter is not well lit, then you may find yourself never prepping food in that area. If the kitchen island isn't lit, it might blend into the space rather than serve as a focal point. So, to ensure your kitchen comes out beautifully, make sure you review the lighting plan, in detail, with your designer. Don't be afraid to ask for more lights.

Mistake #3: Cramming too much into the space

Now, there are a lot of items and tools you need in a kitchen. However, you also need empty space in order to move around in the kitchen. If your floor plan is beginning to look too cluttered, then it's time to reconsider what you really need. Maybe you need to take out the second oven or downsize the fridge. Cooking in a too-tight kitchen is simply not enjoyable for most people.

Mistake #4: Not including enough storage

When a kitchen does not have enough storage, so many items end up on the counters, and then you can't use the counters. So, as you work with your remodeling team to design the kitchen, you must make storage space a priority. Make cabinets larger, include storage under the island if possible, build in a corner closet, add another cabinet over the fridge — these are all good ways to build in more storage.

When you remodel a kitchen, someone will usually make some small mistakes along the way, but these mistakes are easily corrected. As long as you avoid the bigger mistakes above, you should be golden! Contact a local contractor to ask about visiting a kitchen remodeling showroom.