Adding a Mini Desk to Your Kitchen Remodel: Four Features to Consider

3 December 2020
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Adding a mini desk to your kitchen remodeling project provides a host of benefits. The space can be used for children completing homework or doing remote learning, and the space can also be used as a central command station for paying bills or looking up recipes. Your kitchen renovation contractor can create a built-in workspace to create a cohesive look while adding extra convenience to this central room of the home. Here are some features to discuss with your contractor to make your mini desk work for you.

USB Outlets

This mini workspace provides a perfect area for charging tablets and smartphones without getting in the way while you cook. Instead of relying on AC adapters, consider installing USB outlets for the whole family to use. Two dual-port outlets offer ample options for powering up portable devices. You can also ask your contractor to install a hybrid outlet, which features standard three-prong receptacles and one to two USB ports. The outlets should be positioned near where your computer or laptop will be located to allow for an easy reach and to prevent cord clutter along the floor of your kitchen office.

Built-in Filing Cabinet

A built-in filing cabinet gives you a simple way to organize bills, catalogs, and other paperwork. Work with your contractor to install a one-drawer or two-drawer cabinet underneath the desktop to keep important paperwork within reach. If you choose a two-drawer cabinet, dedicate one drawer to your children's school work, permission slips, and other related items to keep them neatly sorted. The other drawer can be used for household bills so you can quickly file them away instead of letting mail pile up on a nearby counter.

Under Cabinet Lighting

If your desk area will have upper cabinets, ask your contractor to install under cabinet LEDs. These lights illuminate the workspace, eliminating the need for a spare lamp. This leaves you more desk space for work or study materials and creates a clean, clutter-free look. Ask for a dimmer option so you can control the intensity of the lights based on the time of day. You may even want to have the lights installed under all the upper cabinets in your kitchen to keep food prep areas brilliantly lit.

Chalkboard Cabinet Front

Your mini desk will likely be used by every member of your family, making it a smart choice for a communication center. Have a single cabinet front painted with chalkboard paint to create a customizable message center. You and your family can use this surface to jot down reminders, add to the weekly grocery list, or simply share fun inspirational messages. If possible, have your contractor create a magnetic surface for this cabinet so you can hang pictures, flyers, and other paper items you want the whole family to see.