Time To Fence Your Property? Reasons To Consider Aluminum Fencing

24 November 2020
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Most homes can benefit from the addition of a beautiful and well-designed fence. In addition to increasing the level of curb appeal, homeowners often want to add a fence to safeguard children or pets, meet safety requirements for pool and spa areas, or make their outdoor areas more private. 

With so many choices of materials, however, homeowners can find themselves struggling to decide when one is best for their needs. If you have decided that your home and family could benefit from installing a fence, here are some compelling reasons to consider one made from aluminum. 


Traditional wood, vinyl, and even steel or iron fencing can be beautiful, but these materials are certainly not considered low maintenance. All types of wood, even those that are chemically treated to be weather-resistant, will eventually succumb to the elements and decay or be damaged by termites, carpenter bees, or other pests. 

Vinyl fencing requires frequent scrubbing to limit the growth of ugly green mold or black mildew and can also be easily damaged by contact with weed trimmers and lawn mowing equipment. Steel and iron fencing is subject to corrosion and discoloration and may need to be painted or sealed to keep them looking their best. 

On the other hand, aluminum is unaffected by common pests and does not require painting, sealing, or scrubbing to maintain its condition and attractive appearance. 


Another important reason to consider aluminum fencing over other materials is that it is one of the most recyclable materials used in fencing. Many aluminum fencing manufacturers use high levels of recycled metal to make the fencing and when it is no longer needed, aluminum fencing can be recycled again to become new fencing or other products.

Aluminum fencing is known for its versatility, even in climates where humidity, heat, cold, or other conditions create challenges for other materials. The lighter weight of aluminum makes installation faster and easier than most other fencing materials and it also adapts well to the challenges of uneven terrain or areas where installing a perfectly straight line of fencing is not possible. 

If damage does occur, small sections of aluminum fencing can be replaced easily without the need to do larger, more expensive repairs. 

Homeowners who want to learn more about aluminum fencing and determine if it would work for their needs can do so by discussing their needs with a reputable aluminum fencing contractor in their area.

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