Design Iron Railings With Child Safety In Mind

23 June 2020
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

A home should look good. However, even more, important is that the home is comfortable and safe for everyone, especially your children. How you design and maintain your iron railings will have a significant impact on how well you can protect your family.

Horizontal Railings

As you decide between horizontal and vertical spindles, consider safety. Horizontal spindles run side-to-side, very similar to the design of a ladder. This similarity can instinctively prompt very young children to climb the railing, which is incredibly dangerous. 

This concern does not mean that you cannot install horizontal spindles, particularly if you want a modern look, but it does mean that you must be mindful of the amount of distance there is between each spindle. Ideally, the spindles should be close enough together that the child's foot cannot grip well enough to climb.  

Vertical Railings

It may not be as easy for a child to climb a vertical railing as it is a horizontal railing, but vertical railings can also pose safety issues if not designed correctly. First, make sure that the gap between the floor and the level where the vertical spindles begin and the space between spindles is minimal. Similar to horizontal spindles, the child should not be able to place their foot in the gap. 

Second, pay attention whenever you notice that a spindle is loose. Even with the slightest amount of weight, a loose spindle can break away and pose a serious safety hazard. It is always best to rely on a professional installation to avoid this risk in the future.

Artistic Elements

Iron railings are largely known for their ornate designs. Did you know that you can use this element to make the railings safer? Enhancing the railing with an artistic element helps fill up space in between each spindle, which lowers the risk of a child being able to squeeze through.

Intricate design can also help make it harder for a child to grip the railings, which will also make it harder for the child to climb them. A railings professional can create a design that matches the style of your home that serves a dual purpose.

Rest assured that the railings professional will work diligently to design a railing system that meets your aesthetic and safety guidelines. More importantly, a professional installer will only install a railing system in your home that meets the local safety codes. Always pair with a professional for the best outcome.