There's Nowhere To Go: Why You Need To Have Your Sewer Lines Pumped

11 June 2020
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

If you're having problems with your sewer lines, it might be time to bring in the professionals. Sewer line problems don't always stay on the street. Sometimes they come right back into your home. When that happens, you may encounter big problems and big repair costs. Before you're faced with that, you need to have your sewer pumped. Here are four of the reasons you shouldn't wait to have your sewer pumped. 

Sanitation Concerns

If you're waiting to have your sewer pumped, don't wait any longer. Waiting until your sewer backs up could lead to sanitation concerns. That's because raw sewage contains bacteria that can make you sick. Some of the bacteria raw sewage contains can cause the spread of salmonella and cholera. Not only that, but exposure to raw sewage can cause vomiting and diarrhea. If you have your sewer pumped before you're faced with a backup, you can avoid the sanitation problems. 

Plumbing Emergencies

If your home's got problems with the sewer, have the lines pumped as soon as possible.  Without the service, you risk other plumbing emergencies. When your sewer lines get clogged with waste, they can cause problems for the rest of your plumbing. For instance, your toilets may not flush the way they should. That lack of pressure can lead to clogs within your house. Not only that, but clogged sewer lines can rupture. If that happens, you'll deal with a plumbing emergency that can disrupt your entire home. 

Neighborhood Disruptions

If there's a problem inside your sewer lines, now's the time to take care of the repairs. You may think that problems in your sewer line stay confined to your home. That's not always the case. Your sewer line problems can pass on to your neighbors. That's because residential sewer lines connect on the street. The longer you wait to clear the clog, the more damage you can expect to the neighborhood sewer lines. Not only that, but sewer odors will come up through the pipes. That means your neighbors smell your sewer odors. 

Water and Sewage Damage

If you haven't taken care of your sewer line problems, the sewage in your pipes may try to find another exit. If it does, you can expect to face water and sewage damage in your home. That's because clogged sewer lines often back up into homes. If that happens, you may end up with raw sewage and water in your bathtubs and around your toilets. 

Don't wait for an emergency. If your sewer lines clog, have them pumped as soon as possible.

If it is an emergency or you have more questions, reach out to an emergency sewer pumping service in your area.