New Companies: Do You Need Special Work Zone Equipment?

18 May 2020
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

New construction companies, road builders, and other entities face many obstacles during the course of business, including work zone safety. You must be able to keep motorists, pedestrians, and even your employees safe while you meet your goals on time. The type of work zone equipment you use can make or break your project. Learn what types of work zone equipment you need to use and why below.

Speed Control Systems

If you plan to work on or near a busy highway, exit road, or intersection, you want to keep several speed control systems on hand. Drivers who speed or drive recklessly through your worksite can cause accidents and other problems. The equipment allows you to keep your site, workers, and machinery safe without compromising the safety of motorists.

There are different types of speed control equipment you may consider using. The most common type is the speed feedback trailer. The equipment generally comes with various warning messages or signs that tell drivers how fast they are driving on the road. The equipment generally uses radar technology to detect the speed of motor vehicles. If drivers don't slow down, the signs will flash until they do.

Some construction companies and road builders install remote-operated camera systems on their speed control trailers to enforce safety. The cameras may be solar- or battery-powered, depending on the brand or system you choose to use. Keep in mind that if you choose battery-powered cameras for your site, you must remember to manually or physically charge the devices regularly. Because solar-powered camera trailers receive energy directly from the sun, you don't need to recharge them. If you are on a tight deadline, solar-powered cameras may be the best option for you.

In addition to the work zone equipment above, you may consider adding channelizers to your site.

Channelizers and Other Traffic Control Equipment

During the holidays and other busy times of the year, traffic can increase on the highway. If you must work on your project during any of these times, you want to have as much control over your worksite as possible. Work zone equipment such as channelizers and delineators can help you do so.

Channelizers and delineators are barrels, cones, panels, posts, and other apparatuses that direct or control traffic on the road. The equipment can:

  • keep motorists from venturing into other lanes
  • encourage motorists to maintain the proper speed
  • prevent motorists from turning into dangerous roads 

The equipment also comes in vibrant or bold colors, such as bright orange with black or bold font. The materials used to construct the equipment varies, but flexible plastic, fiberglass, rubber, and steel are common materials used today. If you have problems choosing the right material for your work zone equipment, reach out to a supplier right away. A supplier can help you assess your worksite to see which material works best for it.

In addition to selecting the right material for your channelizers and delineators, you'll need to consider the size of your equipment. If your equipment is too small, motorists may not see it clearly on the road. If the equipment is too large, motorists may not be able to navigate through or around it properly. You want motorists to see your cones and other equipment clearly from every angle and distance. Again, if you have problems choosing the right size for your equipment, ask a supplier for assistance.

There may be many other types of work zone equipment you need to use for your construction site. If you encounter any problems with your equipment or need assistance choosing it, contact a supplier today.