Removing Large Rocks From Your Property

8 May 2020
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

There are many projects where you may find that have large rocks in or on top of the soil will prove to be problematic. For individuals that are faced with the need to have large rocks removed, there are services that they can use to help reduce the difficulty and labor that would be involved with removing these stones from the property.

What If You Have Particularly Large Rocks That Need To Be Removed?

In many instances, a person will need to have a particularly large stone removed from the property. While a professional stone removal service will have equipment that can lift heavy stones, it will often be easier to simply break apart larger stones. Depending on the size of the stone, this may be done manually or with the use of jackhammers or other stone crushing machinery. Before accepting a client's project, these services will often require a thorough inspection and evaluation of the stones that need to be removed.

Will Removing Large Rocks Contribute To Erosion?

Removing large rocks from the property can lead to some changes for the property. Unfortunately, some properties will experience worsening erosion after this is done as the rocks may have been acting to anchor the soil in place. Rocks that are partially or completely buried will be the most likely to contribute to this problem as the surrounding soil may collapse to fill in the spot that the rock left. You can help to reduce the severity of these problems by using soil stabilization techniques, such as grouting and erosion netting. If you will have a buried rock removed from your property, having a soil analysis conducted can provide insights into whether you may need to have these erosion-combating steps done to your property.

Will Rock Removal Services Always Turn The Rocks Into Gravel?

Some individuals may be under the faulty assumption that rock removal services will always pulverize the rocks that they remove into gravel. While many services will be able to provide this for their clients, this is not a universal option. In fact, many rock removal services will simply haul away the rocks so that they will no longer be on the property. When the rocks are broken apart, they will be in fairly large chunks that will not be a suitable substitute for gravel. As a result, individuals should typically plan on simply buying their needed gravel separately. Even in situations where the rock removal service may be able to transform the rocks into gravel, it will likely be more costly than simply ordering the amount of gravel that you need.