Summer Pool Equipment Guide To Troubleshoot Problems And Complete Repairs Before The Water Turns Green

29 April 2020
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

If you have a problem with your pool equipment during the summer heat, it can cause water to turn green quickly. Sometimes, these problems can be solved with a little maintenance and using shock treatments, but they often require repairs. Therefore, you want to be able to troubleshoot the problems with your pool equipment quickly. The following guide will help you solve the problems with your equipment and get repairs done before the water turns green:

1. Cleaning Out The Pump Trap Where Debris Collects and Reduces Water Circulation and Filtration

The first problem that you will want to look for is debris that clogs the cleanout trap. With modern pool equipment, there is a clear cover on the trap that will allow you to see leaf debris that could be stopping the flow of water to the pump. To fix this problem, turn the pump off and remove the cover to remove the debris and get the water circulating again.

2. Testing The Pump For Problems With Operation And Reduced Flow Rate That Can Cause Pool Filtration Problems

Sometimes, old pumps can be slowed by problems with debris, particles building up on the turbine, and algae growth. These problems cause the pump to slow down and reduces the flow rate needed to filter the water in your pool. To fix this problem, the pump needs to be turned off, and then, removed and cleaned. If there is still a problem with the pump flow rate, you will probably need help with repairing or replacing the pump.

3. Testing Your Pool For Leaks That Can Be On The Surfaces, Plumbing or Connections To Equipment

Pool leaks can be a serious problem during the summer months, but they are not always easy to see. This is due to the problem sometimes being hidden with the evaporation of water during the summer weather. Therefore, you will want to use a container to test the water and see if it is evaporation or a leak problem. If there is a leak plumbing, and equipment will all need to be inspected to find the source of the leak and repair the problem.

4. Backwashing And Maintaining Your Filtration System To Ensure Debris and Particles Are Removed From The Water

Lastly, sometimes that problem may be something as simple as the filter becomes saturated with debris and particles that have been filtered out of the water. Therefore, you will want to backwash the filter once a week and make sure to change the filter medium several times throughout the summer to keep the water clean. You may also want to talk to a pool repair service about upgrading your filter to improve the water quality in your pool and reduce maintenance.

These are some of the things that you will want to know about troubleshooting pool equipment problems before the water in your pool turns green. If you are having problems with equipment and need help with repairs, contact a pool repair service like Heritage Pool Plastering, Inc. to fix these issues before algae blooms start to turn the water green.