3 Fun Activities To Help You Design Your Ideal Home

21 June 2022
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Building a custom home can be a dream come true for many people. Designing your new house from the ground up allows you to build a home that meets your exact specifications, providing you with far more than just a place to live. However, building a custom home can also be a lot of work, especially if you want to be as involved in the process as possible. While you'll eventually need to make plenty of technical decisions about issues such as HVAC design and plumbing, you'll also get to express your creativity and watch your dreams slowly transform into reality. Read More 

6 Reasons to Buy a New Construction Home

7 June 2022
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Shopping for new homes for sale can be challenging. Sometimes you find the right number of bedrooms in the wrong area or, perhaps, you find a house in your dream neighborhood that just won't fit your needs. Buying a newly built home may be just the answer you've been looking for. There are many reasons why buying a new construction home rocks, but here are six to get you started. Read More 

3 Questions & Answers About Residential Roofing

25 April 2022
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One of the most dreaded parts of owning a home is the responsibility of making repairs, which sometimes cannot be put off. For example, when there is something wrong with the roof, putting the repair off for too long can lead to severe damage. In this instance, not only is the roof at risk of needing to be replaced, but it can affect the interior of you home and cause damage there as well. Read More 

5 Modifications To Make When Remodeling A Bathroom For Handicap Accessibility

30 March 2022
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Are you in the process of remodeling a bathroom for your retirement home, and want to make sure that you are prepared for what will happen if you need to use a wheelchair or walker later in life? If so, it will help to make the following changes that will make the bathroom more handicap accessible. Wider Entry Door If you live in an older home, you may have noticed that your old entry door is kind of small. Read More 

4 Guidelines To Help You Construct A Profitable Commercial Building

18 March 2022
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Perhaps you've noticed that some office complexes in your business district struggle to get occupants. On the other hand, others have a steady and constant flow of tenants. The construction design is the secret that separates the well-populated offices from the rest. Here are some pro guidelines to help you create an office building that will attract many tenants.  Choose a General Contractor Your first and most crucial step in a construction project is hiring a professional general contractor. Read More